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What products do we use?

Hundreds of messages on Instagram asking what auto detailing products we use, now they are all here! We are going to update this section often so make sure to save this page for your car detailing needs! In this section you will be able to find auto detailing products that Bozeman Car Care has tested and fully approved!

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Detailing Brushes

Our go-to brushes for every situation! You've seen them a lot on our videos!

Wheel brush set

Wheel Brush Set, 2 Pack

Microfiber Brushes for Cleaning Wheels

Curveball brush


The Detail Factory Curveball Brush. High quality. Time saver.

Nanodiamond Coating

Diamond body 18 MONTH COATING

Nanodiamond coating that doesn't require professional training to achieve amazing, hydrophobic results on your vehicle.

Interior Towel

Edgeless 245

Drying and liquid detailing products towel.

Drying towel


Drying and liquid detailing products towel.

Drying towel


Best for Rinseless/Waterless Washing; removal of waxes and sealants!

Drying Towel


The only drying towel you need. Seriously.

Rupes Polisher

RUPES LHR15 Mark III Single Tool

Built to handle any detailing situation

Eulex Adhesive remover

Koch-Chemie EULEX

Adhesive Remover, Evaporates Quickly

Absolute Rinseless

Absolute rinseless wash

Absolute encapsulates and emulsifies dirt beyond what soap is capable of. Water is instantly softened upon mixture of Absolute, thus reducing chances of hard water spotting

Sealant Phoenix detailing

Sealant and Drying agent

Best ceramic based sealant we ever tested, easy to use!


Stjarnagloss gift box

Looking for a gift for that special person who is a detailing enthusiast? Look no further.