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Exterior and interior services - Q&A

frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answer to the most common questions we've gotten over the past few years

Ok so...i've never had my car detailed at my house before! how does this work?

Its super easy! After we schedule an appointment, our detailing unit will come to your location. Make sure you have access to water and energy!

Our mobile detailing unit is fully equipped with the best tools and products available, including high flow steamers, professional carpet extractors, high flow air compressors, air assisted tools, lights, Ozone Treatment machines, direct drive polishers, dual action polishers of all sizes, different brushes for dash, plastics, leather, wheels and electronics and the best products available on the market for polishing, scratch removal, stain removal and paint protection.

Bozeman Car Care is not an entry level, part time cleaning business. We are full time, with 10+ years of experience in the automotive and detailing industry.

We are also super friendly! :)

do i need to be home?

No, you don't have to be at the location at the time of service! Just make sure that:

1. There is direct access to water and energy nearby.

2. Keys are in the vehicle

3. All compartments are empty of personal belongings. If they are full, they won't be addressed.

When the service is done Bozeman Car Care will send you a text message!

How can i pay you if i am not at the location?

After the service is done, payments can be made online via Venmo or Paypal, cash or check at the location!

Do you have any examples of your work?

Of course! Please check out videos and pictures at:

  •  Youtube:

  • Instagram:

  • Facebook:

  • Tik Tok:

  • Visit our Portfolio page for more pictures!

Make sure you follow us! It really helps us grow!

Why bozeman car care?

Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with cleaning and organizing your vehicle, specially when you are hard at work, coming back from an adventure or simply dedicating your time to your kids!

We operate with a Mobile business model where you send us a message and you schedule the best time for you! We come to your house and setup our equipment, taking the best care possible of your vehicle!

And do you know the best part? You don't even need to be home!

We can provide the service at your driveway or garage and you can make the payment online after the service is done, at your earliest convenience!

Contact us! You won't be disappointed!

do you have experience with high end vehicles?

The owner of Bozeman Car Care started providing exterior detailing services a little over 10 years ago, only for private clients and owners who had cars stored in garages or collectors, doing mostly scratch removal, paint restoration and protection. As word got out in Bozeman, there was an opportunity of working full time and reaching more people, from the mom that does not have time to organize her vehicle to the collector or car enthusiast that wants to perfect their vehicles.

I have worked on the Lexus J201 prototype (1 of 1 vehicle), work consistently with Expedition Overland (check out their Youtube channel here), 90's Porsche 911 S, multiple Porsche 911 Turbo, Bentleys, multiple classic Range Rovers (60's/70's/80's/90's), Lancer Evo, RS5, RS7 and the list goes on. Besides the public packages listed on the main page, I also develop packages based on the owner/vehicle's need.

How long does it take?

The time required to complete the Full Interior service always depends on the condition of the vehicle. When scheduling, plan on not using the vehicle that day, on some cases interior service can take around 4 hours.

For exterior services it will also depends on the vehicle's condition and the package chosen! It can take from 2 hours for the most basic service to 3 days with the most comprehensive one!

do you have any references?

Yes! Please check out our Google Review Page with 60+ testimonials from past clients!

Besides the packages on the main page, do you offer any other services?

Yes! We also offer engine detailing, headlight restoration and protection, window polishing, wheels off detailing and scratch removal! Let us know what you need!

Do you only offer full interior packages or do you have a basic interior?

Currently, we only have Full Interior Packages. Since we are a professional auto detailing business, we only provide one complete package that goes through every part of the interior of the vehicle, restoring your vehicle's condition to as new as possible. All tools will be used if necessary; steamers, pressure washers, carpet extractors, multiple chemicals, cloth, leather and alcatara cleaners and more.

can you be more specific on the interior service that you provide?

Sure! The Full Interior package goes through every item inside of the vehicle, including:

  • The vacuum of a lifetime! All the dirt, dust, dog hair and contaminants will be removed from the carpet. The vacuum process - when necessary - includes steamer, shampooing and extracting and disinfecting the carpet. Be aware that sometimes there are permanent stains and damages that cannot be removed through a detailing process. Seats will be removed if necessary, check out a video of the process here!

  • All the plastics washed and disinfected! Every plastic is washed, disinfected and protected (without leaving a oily substance behind), restoring the new look that the plastic surface once had! Be aware that physical damages (scratches or similar) are permanent and cannot be removed. Check out a video of the process here!

  • All windows are cleaned. Every window on the vehicle is washed and cleaned, free of oily substances.

  • Leather seats deep cleaned. All leather seats in the vehicle are deep cleaned - check out our videos and before and after pictures -oily substances, mud, grease and other contaminants are removed to restore that original satin look of your leather seat! Please keep in mind that cracks, permanent stains and other physical damages cannot be repaired just by cleaning. Check out a video of the process here and here!

  • Cloth seats deep cleaned! Removes 90% - 100% of the stains in your cloth seats. The whole seat is washed and disinfected, removing any substance that might cause smell and providing a clean and contaminant free cloth seat. Seats are not only steamed, they are also washed and extracted. (steaming only can leave contaminants embedded on the foam below the fabric).

  • Air vents are deep cleaned. All the dust is removed and the air vent surface is disinfected! Check out a video of the process here!

  • Center console deep cleaned. Coffee spills, old candy, years of grime, old adhesive glue, everything will be cleaned restoring the look as when it was brand new! Check out a video of the process here and here 

  • Every compartment is cleaned and disinfected.

  • Any other specific issue pointed out by the owner on the interior of the vehicle will be addressed.

  • Service takes from 2-5 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle.

  • We use specific products for each type of material, from fake leather to Alcantara.

  • For every car there is a different cleaning process, some we use heavy machinery, some hand detailed. If the vehicle is a high end vehicle, some extra steps are going to be taken to make sure that no surface is damaged during the process.

in what cases can there be extra charges for a full interior service? can you be more specific?

Yes, extra charges happens when:

1. Excessive Hoarding

If your vehicle became a deposit for multiple items, trash, lots of random dirt and unsanitary items; heavy accumulation of objects/items/trash inside of the vehicle.

2. Mice Infestation

Includes mice droppings or spills, live or dead mice or very noticeable infestation on multiple parts of the vehicle. Special protective equipment maybe required. The use of an Ozone Treatment Machine is mandatory and provided by Bozeman Car Care. Minor infestations might not have extra charge.

3. Heavy Mud (only specific cases)

Heavy mud only applies if a very thick layer of mud is embedded to the carpet or other areas of the vehicle, most times it's easily noticeable by the owner not being able to see the carpet texture anymore.

4. Biohazard Materials

Infectious agents or hazardous biologic material that present a risk/potential risk to the health of humans, animals or the environment. Some examples are; Human blood and blood products, other body fluids or tissues with visible blood, animal waste, microbiological waste, pathological waste and sharp waste.

What's the difference between your basic exterior service and getting my car washed at a regular car wash in bozeman?

There are many differences!

  • Regular car washes in Bozeman use rotating brushes, those brushes are very abrasive and they can cause scratches and swirls on your car's paint. This issue can get even worse if the brushes are old, worn or dirty, which is very common.

  • Regular car washes near you can cause damage to delicate parts of your vehicle such as mirrors, antennas, windshield wipers and license plates.

  • Most car washes around you have no control over the water pressure, which can cause more damage to your paint, specially if your vehicle has small paint chips or paint defects.

  • Car washes near you are not suitable for all types of cars; Rotating brushes may not be suitable for cars with low clearance, classic cars, cars with aftermarket parts, custom paint jobs and oversized units.

  • The type of detergent that car washes around the Bozeman area use can also strip the paint from waxes, ceramic coatings or any other protection or coating that you may have on your vehicle.

With our Basic Exterior Service we provide a careful wash, using the right products for your vehicle, correctly removing bugs, light tar, light tree sap, power wash the undercarriage, wheel wells, wheels, tires and all windows. Every microfiber or wash mitt is only used once on each vehicle serviced and are fully washed and dried before detailing the next vehicle. No new scratches or swirls are created during the wash process. After the car wash is done, the vehicle's paint is sealed and protected.

We also offer machine polishing packages, full paint correction packages, scratch removal and a few different options of protective coatings from 4 weeks to 5 years of protection!

what services do you offer?

We offer hand washing, waxing, polishing, ceramic coatings, plastic restoration, headlight restoration, scratch removal, stain removal, interior vacuum, upholstery washing, seat shampooing , cloth seat washing, carpet extracting, upholstery extracting and personalized services based on your need!

how often should i get my car detailed?

We recommend getting your car fully detailed at least every 4-6 months to prevent heavy buildups on the interior and paint contamination on the exterior, which can cause permanent damage to your vehicle.

what are the benefits of getting my car detailed?

Detailing your car will improve the appearance of your vehicle, protect your paint against damages from the sun, remove contaminants, protect your interior against wear and tear and increase the resale value of your vehicle.

What kind of products do you use for detailing?

Our product line up is constantly being upgraded. We have different partnerships with companies that provide us specific products to detail safely every type of surface, including upholstery and carpets.

Do you offer mobile detailing services?

Yes, we are the highest rated mobile detailing service in Montana and our unit is fully equipped to take care of every detailing need.

Do you offer pick-up and delivery services for car detailing?

Yes. If you don't have a location for the service to be provided we do offer pick up and drop off. Please keep in mind that detailing at your location is always preferred since our unit is fully equipped for it.