Coating Maintenance - Tips for taking care or your vehicle


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This guide will walk you through what to avoid and how to care for your car's ceramic or graphene coating in the first 24 hours after application, during the first two weeks as it cures, and throughout the year so that you maximize the coatings performance and durability for years-to-come.

Coating your vehicle with a ceramic or graphene coating is one of the best decisions you can make to improve the appearance of your car and protect your investment. With superior durability, performance, and appearance enhancement compared with any conventional wax or sealant, a ceramic coating is the ultimate form of protection for your cars finish.

But without proper care and maintenance, a ceramic or graphene coating will degrade faster and its benefits will disappear sooner - plain and simple. Follow this guide to maintain your coatings performance long-term.



The first 24 hours after coating your vehicle are critical for the curing process. Your vehicle is safe to drive, but the new coating is still rapidly hardening. It's important to avoid all of the following...

  • Hard mineral water

  • Abrasives or washing

  • Automatic brush washes

  • High or Low pH Soaps (pH Neutral only)

  • Avoid parking under trees or other locations where bird droppings or tree sap may fall on the coating

If your coating comes in contact with any of the above, gently lubricate the coated surface with a Sio2 or Graphene based sealant sealant and wipe the surface with a clean, unused, high-pile microfiber towel - a 460 GSM microfiber is ideal for this kind of job.


For the next fourteen days, your ceramic coating will be actively curing to reach its full 9H Hardness potential. It's recommended that you attempt to continue avoiding the same items listed above during this time period.

In the event that your vehicle has any dust, pollen, bird droppings, tree sap, or contaminant build-up, immediately rinse with clean water and a gentle hand wash using a pH-Neutral dry completely using a high quality microfiber detailing towel. It's important that you continue to avoid any products containing detergents or unbalanced pH levels during this period to avoid breaking down the coating.


Maintenance Washing

Everyone washes their car with varying degrees of frequency but it's recommended to perform a maintenance wash by hand at least every 2 to 4 weeks to maintain your ceramic coating's deep shine and hydrophobic properties.

One of the great benefits of a ceramic or graphene coated vehicle is the ease of washing because of its self-cleaning effect. Here are some basic ceramic or graphene coating maintenance wash rules of thumb...

Schedule your maintenance wash with Bozeman Car Care at the main page or by sending an email to [email protected]


  • Hand wash using the "Two-Bucket Method" - a wash mitt with one bucket that has clean water and a separate bucket with your soapy water. Both should have a grit guard on the bottom to prevent hard contaminants from causing abrasions.

  • Use only pH-neutral soaps. Using a soap that isn't pH-neutral exposes your coating to harsh detergents that can break it down and decrease its lifespan

  • You can use a pH-neutral soap containing silica additives to revitalize the hydrophobic properties of your coating in the short-term but avoid soaps with wax additives. The wax will not adhere to the coating.

  • Avoid washing in direct sunlight to prevent water-spotting and streaking effects

  • If you don't have the time or desire to wash the car yourself, avoid automated high-volume brush washes. Stick to hand wash or touchless car washes only.

  • When drying, avoid using drying towels that may cause abrasion. Use a few high-pile, edgeless microfibers. Alternate between one to absorb most of the water, and a second to dry the car completely. Avoid using excessive pressure, let the towel do the work.

Seasonal Maintenance

Giving your coating seasonal maintenance every 3-4 months will ensure maximum performance and durability long-term. After a maintenance wash using your pH-neutral soap, apply a spray sealant as a coating topper to enhance and rejuvenate the protection, appearance, and performance benefits of your graphene or ceramic coating.

Schedule your maintenance wash with Bozeman Car Care at the main page or by sending an email to [email protected]


As your coating heats up during regular use and exposure to the sun, microscopic contaminants such as metallic particles and other environmental particles can become embedded in the cars surface over time. This negatively affects your coatings appearance and its ability to repel water, dirt, and other contaminants. At least once a year, you should decontaminate the surface of your car.

Use a pH-Neutral Iron Remover on your vehicle surface to draw out and break down the metallic contaminants in your paint. Just spray it on and after 3-4 minutes, give your car a maintenance wash using pH-neutral soap and the two-bucket method.

DO NOT use a clay bar on the coated vehicle. Clay bars are an abrasive and will break down the coating.